We are committed to helping you restructure your business and / or personal debt through the most innovative methods we recommend. Our specialist consultants are available to provide the following services:

  • Negotiation with creditors (Banks, Public authorities, Other creditors)
  • Settlement of Public debt (Tax authorities, Social Security Funds etc.)
  • Subject to Bankruptcy & Resolution Law
  • Subsumption to out-of-court debt settlement mechanisms
  • Protection of immovable and movable property
  • Management of Payment orders, Seizures, Auction orders
  • Deletion from risk checking system “Tiresias”
  • Finding alternative sources of funding
  • Finding strategic investors for heavily indebted companies

Crisis management

Since the onset of the global recession in 2008, businesses and Greek citizens have been experiencing extremely adverse economic conditions. In the face of unpredictable economic incidents in Greece and worldwide (Capital Controls, Covid-19 etc.), crisis management is proving to be the most important business and financial survival tool. Coordinating and organizing a specific plan to deal with a potential business or personal financial disaster, is the optimal solution to minimize any losses. The purpose of corporate crisis management is to bail out the business after various problems that have arisen and to maintain intact its reputation, clientele, turnover and all its assets.

Management tools

Under the general framework of the Debt Settlement and Second Chance Code, which replaced the Bankruptcy Law and formed a single and coherent debt settlement framework, we help you restructure your overdue debts whether or not they come from a business. With the most experienced economists and legal advisors, we examine each case individually and propose the optimal solution.

More specifically, having specialization in bank loan restructuring, we negotiate and obtain write-offs or debt extensions on both business and personal bank debts. Moreover, bankruptcy or the establishment of related companies are tools that can save you from a business or individual disaster. Out-of-court settlement of debts to the State or other creditors through applications on various electronic platforms can be also effective.

However, to prevent bankruptcy, the debtor can initiate negotiations with creditors concerning debt regulation and enterprise recovery, according to applicable legislation. The petition for the initiation of the rehabilitation process is inadmissible if a relevant business plan is not conducted. In this frame, we have the ability to provide you the said report in which several issues are analyzed, e.g. the market situation, the viability of the business, the expert’s opinion about the possibilities of a successful recovery, the collective satisfaction of debtor’s creditors.

However, in extreme cases where the company or individual is under the pressure of recovery procedures and enforcement measures (foreclosures, payment orders, auctions), we can protect your movable and immovable property by restraining creditors’ legal actions.

Finally, to keep your highly indebted company alive, we undertake the process of raising working capital. This can be achieved either through a strategic investor or Fund that will invest capitals in your company or through alternative sources of funding (e.g. crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, retail bonds) or refinancing.

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