We undertake to fulfill your individual or corporate obligations before all Greek authorities. With absolute confidentiality, speed and specialized knowledge, we offer you the following services:

  • Accounting and Tax services
  • Organization and supervision of Accounting or Finance department
  • Tax and Insurance planning
  • Personnel management and payroll services
  • Acquisitions – Mergers – Divisions – Transformations
  • Liquidations/Dissolutions of companies
  • Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Business establishment worldwide

General services

We achieve the accounting and tax compliance of your business with the current legislation, always aiming at company’s smooth operation, maximum profitability and minimization of the possible risks to which it is exposed. In this light, our specialized staff is by your side to explore and choose together the corporate scheme that suits you and benefits you the most, in order to avoid any unprofitable and unaffordable tax and insurance obligations.

We care for the keeping of your accounting books and your tax support all over Greece, either in person or remotely by using various innovative computer applications. In cases where your business has already an organized small or large-scale accounting department, we guarantee its safe operation by supervising or even organizing it further. Also, if there is a need for additional management information, we provide financial management services by using specific tools of Economics and so resulting in maximum efficiency and profitability.

In terms of human resource management, given that this is one of the most important business functions, we manage and develop the staff of your business while providing a comprehensive range of payroll services.

Ad-hoc services

In such a rapidly changing economic environment where various opportunities and challenges are arising worldwide, flexibility and adaptability are perhaps the main factors in business success. In this frame, we provide you with specialized consulting services regarding acquisitions, mergers, divisions or corporate transformations. Where required, we collaborate with the most reliable Certified Public Accountants of the Greek market and abroad, in order to offer you a comprehensive range of services related to any type of corporate transformation.

If there is a need to implement International Accounting Standards in your business, we have all the necessary know-how to achieve the most regular transition to them. On the contrary, in case that an enterprise completes its life cycle, our tax and legal advisors, having the required experience and knowledge, undertake its liquidation and solution.

Finally, despite the fact that the establishment of a company abroad sounds attractive, this is a complex process which involves several and significant tax risks. In this case, we guide you in the process of the establishment of the foreign entity, ensuring the compliance with the current Greek and global tax legislation.

For any problems or questions do not hesitate to contact us