We undertake to boost your business, by providing you with a wide range of services with the sole aim of improving the efficiency and productivity of your company. Inter alia, the services we offer are as follows:

  • Business administration
  • Business plans development
  • Internal Audit implementation
  • Control of credit policy
  • Cash Flow management
  • Development of Management Information System (MIS)
  • Implementation of costing procedure
  • Development of Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Tax audit support

Business administration

The general management of an organization consists in the coordination and supervision of all its departments and plays a crucial role for its development. Especially at the level of small and medium-sized enterprises, the proper management of a company’s available resources is crucial for its viability.

In this context, we can contribute to the correct decision-making which is necessary for the operation of your business. This can be achieved, either by acting in consultation and jointly with the management team as a member of it, or by being charged with the overall management. In cases where decisions cannot be made in any form of company due to disagreement, and negotiations between the owners have led to a deadlock, we can take over the temporary management of companies in consultation with their owners. In addition, having significant experience in companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, we assume positions of responsibility in Audit Committees in accordance with the provisions of stock exchange legislation.

However, a prerequisite for proper management and decision-making in an organization is the detailed and systematic recording of its strategy and long-term goals, elements that are included in a business plan. This plan is an important tool for improving the performance of the business, as it is a reference point for controlling the achievement or not of the goals of the business, while also providing a clear picture of the market, its customers and competitors. Specializing mainly in the industrial sector, whether it is a start-up or an existing company, we undertake to prepare the relevant business plan documenting it with all the necessary information and analysis.

Business restructuring

Going through a period of ever-increasing competition both nationally and internationally, the adaptation of companies to new conditions becomes more imperative. Thus, with the aim of providing complete business solutions, our specialized consultants guarantee the optimal reorganization of your business so that it is competitive and modern.

In this light, we can develop an internal control system or reorganize an existing one, always in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as International Internal Audit Standards. Regarding the management of the company’s receipts, a radical reduction of bad debts can be achieved through the organization and management of a robust credit policy system. In addition, we effectively manage expected receipts and future payments, building an operating cash flow system based on the needs of the business.

In many cases, however, a wrong business decision can cost the business future, especially if it was based on misleading, incorrect or insufficient data. Thus, aiming to improve the efficiency and productivity of your company, we utilize the new IT tools and provide you with a complete management information system. Moreover, an important role in the proper operation of a production unit, plays the appropriate costing procedure which we implement to have quality data and especially the profitability of each product.

As inventory management is one of the most crucial areas of every company, we provide you with high level specialized solutions regarding the organization and operation of a fully computerized warehouse. More specifically, after having extensively recorded all the needs of the business, we can carry out various projects such as the encoding of product items, the implementation of barcode systems, and the organization of the distribution department.

Finally, as governments seek to restore national finances, tax authorities come under pressure to increase tax revenues and tax audits are a key part of this. However, the audit process can be easier with proper preparation and the right advice. In this frame, having a long history of defending clients’ interests during tax audits, we can offer you expert advice and practical support at all points throughout the tax audit and appeal process.

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