Team member

George Valettas

Economist, MBA
Thing-doer and pioneer, George Valettas having studied Economics in both Greece and the USA, is one of the most recognized economists in Greece. He is an accredited mediator of the Ministry of Justice, a member of the Economic Chamber of Greece and a regular member of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Greece and the USA.

With over 30 years of experience, he has served as a senior financial executive in International Audit & Accounting Firms, Multinational Organizations and Greek Groups of companies. Moreover, he has been in the past a seminar lecturer at several professional training Organizations (PwC Academy etc.). He is currently a financial and tax consultant for businesses, a legal expert, while also sitting on Boards of Directors and Audit Committees of various companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.

With a constant presence in the mass media and social networking, he informs the general public about every change on financial and tax issues.

Our Team

Based on our innovative business model, our large team is comprised of well-trained economists, tax experts and lawyers who have excellent knowledge of languages ​​other than Greek (English, French, Chinese, German, Spanish). Each member of our team has complete expertise and years of experience in their field of study and provides reliable, integrated and personalized solutions.

Seeking to provide a bunch of high-end consulting services, we maintain a wide network of independent associates throughout Greece and abroad, consisting of certified auditors / accountants, specialized lawyers, civil engineers, notaries public and other professionals.

We believe that it is very important that all cases are managed with high professional standards. Our success and singularity arise from the fact that we offer both a wide range of financial, legal and business solutions in Greece and internationally, at a reasonable cost and in a timely way.